citrus spa
therapeutic treatments


Each of our treatments have diferent essential holistic healing element. All of our treatments are designed based on understanding and knowing the human anatomy, physiology. Our Organic hanging herbs garden at Citrus Health Spa allows us to produce herbs for our treatment .

We Are Using 100% Of Nature Products.

  1. retreat package 3 hours       

           (The package included mushroom congee)

Hot Bamboo rolling massage 60 minutes

Citrus Facial( all skin types) 60 minutes

Body mask 30 minutes

             Foot paraffin                                               30 minutes

3 hours đ1240




  2  detoxing package 2 hours

           Detoxification                                                 30 minutes

           Himalayan hot stone                                     90 minutes

2 hours/đ 780






               Body scrub                                                           30 minutes

              Facial for type of skin                                       60 minutes

                Vietnamese massage                                         60 minutes

                                                        2,5hours / đ 900

Ayurveda Massage

Special massage techniques and warm therapeutic oil/fresh coconut milk or warm herbs to balance body and mind for Dosha: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.
90 min / 780


five elements massage

Cool white marble stones from Marble Mountain 'five elements' to work on the five elements of the body. Using organic essential oils. 
90 min / ₫ 550

bamboo rolling massage

Warm bamboo stick rolling over your body muscles to create a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. 
90 min/ ₫ 570

Traditional Vietnamese Massage with Cupping

Traditional techniques of cupping combined with aromatherapy oil and acupressure, stimulates, drainage of the lymphatic system and balancing the body. 
90 min/ ₫ 550

Himalayan hot stone

Warm stones are placed on Chakras and then massaged over the body promoting a deep state of re-laxation, dissolving muscular tension and soothing away stress. 
90 min / ₫ 570


Pregnancy Massage

Organic oil of geranium and lavender are used over Marma points to balance and give harmony to mother and baby. 
60 min / ₫ 380


indian head Massage

Opening the flow of energy in the head and neck areas with acupressure technique. Using pomelo essential oil leaves the hair with a nourished and healthy look. 
30 min/ đ 250


citrus body massage


Shiatsu acupressure point massage

The traditional Japanese Acupressure Therapy applied to your scalp, face, back, arms and feet.The ideal treatment if you prefer strong pressure. Style-pyjamas are provided for this non-oil massage. 
60 min / ₫ 400,  90 min / ₫ 590


Traditional Vietnamese Massage

Traditional massage delivered using palm, elbow and thumbs technique for muscle pain relieve, improving blood circulation and releasing tension, clear energy blockages, harmonizing the body with Aroma Therapy Oil. 
60 min / ₫ 360,  90 min / ₫ 500


Thai style

Pressure point and stretching natural health therapy and opening the flow of energy from head to toes. Style-pymamas are provided for this non-oil massage. 
60 min / ₫ 390,  90 min / 500

foot reflexology

To stimulate nerve function, increase energy boosts circulation, eliminate toxins and induce a deep state of relaxation. 
30 min / ₫ 250



the basics


citrus facials

Dry skin-aging/ normal-dry skin / sensitive skin / oily skin / acne skin. We only use organic facial treatment products.
60 min / ₫ 450


paraffin hands or feet

Paraffin treatment soothes chronic joint pain and improves blood flow. 
30 min / ₫ 170

express mani or pedi

Including cuticle, nail cutting and applying color. 
30 min / ₫ 170


luxury mani or pedi

Organic products to scrub, remove callus, mask and moisturizing, including a mini massage and color. 
60 min / ₫ 320


We ofer complete waxing service using natural products from Australia.
Full leg —  ₫ 390
Back —  ₫ 390
Full arm —  ₫ 290
Chest —  ₫ 250

Eye brow —   ₫ 80
Half leg —  ₫ 290
Half arm —  ₫ 200
Arm pit —  ₫ 120
Face —  ₫ 320
Bikini line —  ₫ 280

Bikini Brazilian —  ₫ 350


Very convenient and last longer. 
15 min / ₫ 170


Citrus Detoxifying


detoxifying by organic himalayan salt

Detoxifying treatment designed to refine the texture of the skin, ideal for cellulite and stress. The Himalayan salt is a blend of ingredients that will stimulate blood and the lymph system, and improve skin tone. The treatment is followed by a shower and a mini massage with organic body moisturizer. 
45 min / ₫ 320


sunburn relief

Using Aloe Vera, with its high antioxidant and amino acid content, this treatment rejuvenates tired or dull skin. It has long been used as a remedy to sooth sunburnt skin. 
45 min / ₫ 320

citrus scrubs

To cleanse, remove dead skin, hydrate and improve skin tone. Choose one of the following: organic lotus flower powder; lotus seed; coffee; sesame; frangipani flower; jasmine flower; fresh rose flower; brown rice; fresh orange; or coconut rice.
45 min / ₫ 320

citrus body masks

Choose from: pumpkin, honey & fresh milk: carrot, yogurt & honey; numeric & honey; oatmeal & honey; rice bran & fresh coconut milk; red bean & fresh milk. 
45 min / ₫ 320


Detoxing package

( including yoghurt mix fruits)
Detoxification scrub with pink salt
Following with Himalayan hot stone massage

2 Hours/ đ 780


citruss amazing package

(including mushroom congee)
body scrub
traditional Vietnamese massage
International Facial standard

2,5 Hour/đ 900